Thursday, October 25, 2007

SHARP AS A TACK..and I'm not talking about the guy at the drive-up window!

Lauren Cholewinski prepares to sharpen her blades as Brandon Andrews "kicks back" after a killer dinner by Josh Wood.

Last night would be "deja vu" for me as a parent. I had been in my "designated room" at Josh's (he has a 3-bedroom condo and has one roommate so I got the other room) trying to put clothes away and get ready for the next day, when I walked out and was talking to Lauren and Brandon. The next thing I know Josh told me "Mom, if your not in your room you need to turn the lights off!"

I couldn't believe it.... after all of these years Josh was telling ME to turn the lights off! I felt like I had won... I had won the electricity battle!! YES... I walked back to my room with a huge smile and proudly turned the lights off. (Parents... keep harping on your kids..... it will pay off... 25 years from now!!!!) :)

That night Josh cooked a great meal of salmon, pasta and asparagus for Lauren Cholewinski, Brandon Andrews and myself. As Josh and I picked up the dishes and cleaned the table off, I looked over and saw Lauren on the floor with her skates in an apparatus that appeared like it belonged in a Frankenstein movie attached to Frankenstein's head. I quickly learned that it was called a "jig" and was made to hold the skates in it, upside down so that she could sharpen the blades. Lauren told me that she usually sharpens her blades once a week and that it typically takes about a half-hour. Remember I told you that I know NOTHING when it comes to ice. So pardon me if I sound condescending, I do not mean to, I really am completely brand new to all of this.

An hour later Lauren was frustrated and still working on her blades. She had a burr that she could not get out. Watching her and thinking of the maintenance that is necessary to keep their skates in top condition on top of the intense training, made me tired just watching her. It was fascinating watching her gently gliding a "diamond sharpening tool" across her blades with such precision. Back and forth. I wondered how she could have a burr when she concentrated on every move that she made. She probably wondered the same thing, but now was not the time to ask one of those dumb questions of mine. Lauren did allow me to take a quick video as well as some pictures while she continued sharpening her blades. Lauren tried to explain to me the degree's, the bend and why and how you do things, but it just wasn't computing.

Today we went to the Oval for one last practice before the World Cup trials (I think that is what this event is called ...I still do not know what is going on... I have a million questions, but I honestly think that most of the skaters just skate and do not have the answers). I hope to have more answers tomorrow.

I saw many inline skaters and former inline skaters here to try out. Some of those that are here are: Erin DiJulio, Heather Richardson, Kelly Gunther, Jillianne Rookard, Maurice Hall, Terence Allmond, Jonathan Garcia, Jono Gorman, Amber Yarborough, Clay Cholewinski, Lauren Cholewinski, Chad Hedrick, Josh Wood, Stephanie Combs, Chris Creveling, Alex Mark, Robert Lawrence, Jessica Smith, Jordan Malone and Pascal Briand from France as well as others. Not all of the skaters that I have named are skating this weekend but are here in town or are on the program.

I will have more information and know more about what is going on tomorrow evening when I sit down to write.

There is no possible way that I can know any less than I know right now ....... is there?? LOL